Transitional Living in Austin, TX has Some Possibilities

There are many reasons why people may need transitional living in Austin, TX. This can include anyone who may be homeless for a variety of reasons that include mental problems or other issues that may cause them not to have enough money to provide them with consistent income to get stable housing. Veterans are another group that needs help when they come home from serving our country by providing group homes in Austin, TX. Some of them don’t have family they can come home and live with and others may have physical or emotional problems that would prevent them from wanting to stay with family. Another group of individuals that may need help are ex-offenders. These individuals often leave prison with no idea where they are going to spend the night. If they don’t have family they end up out on the street. Here are a few places that will provide transitional living in Austin, TX for these individuals:

  • Picture Perfect Cooperative Living – This organization provides group homes in Austin, TX for individuals who need help re-entering society for a variety of different reasons. One great feature this organization strives for is all-inclusive treatment for their residents through transitional living in Austin, TX. This means that all of the support and care the residents need they can get from wherever they are staying. If they can’t get the help needed inside the home, they will get partners that have agreed to outsource their help for these individuals so that all of their help is coordinated. Their medical treatment will coincide with other support they are getting so that the resident can get the best help possible. All of these group homes are sober homes and don’t allow any drugs or alcohol on the property. They also insist that the residents don’t take any drugs or alcohol while they are residents of any of the properties. They believe in intensive exercise and a strict diet will help stop cravings for any drugs or alcohol and will help these individuals heal and become happier individuals.
  • Elizabeth Quarters – Both men and women are allowed to make use of this transitional living in Austin, TX. Once rent is paid three meals per day are provided to the tenant. Sex offenders and people who have electronic monitors are welcome to stay here. Since this is an intensive program as well as housing, they hope people will stay at least three to six months to complete the program. There are very strict rules and guidelines that need to be followed to stay at this location but this faith-based housing helps men and women rebuild their lives.

These are just two organizations that offer transitional living in Austin, TX. There are other organizations that help give individuals who need help. They also will give residents a safe place to live and hopefully get them the help they need to take steps in becoming more independent. The goal of any of these organizations is to have less homeless in Austin, TX as well as offer support for people who will become homeless without the help of these organizations.

If you are looking for additional information on Group Homes, Boarding Homes, Sober Homes, Transitional Living Homes, Care Homes or other special needs housing options in the Austin Texas area, please visit Picture Perfect Cooperative Living at or 512-686-8315.

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