MHMR Housing

MHMR Housing Austin and Killeen TX

Finding and locating MHMR specialty housing in Austin TX and the Killeen or Ft Hood areas can be a challenge. When one originally realizes that they need a place to live or that a relative, friend or family member with some type of mental health or mental retardation related issue needs housing, they often start with a phone call in Texas to 311. The 311 operator can and will often provide resources, however the resources that they provide are usually numbers to a local clinic such as MHMR facility which most of the time will simply provide a list of numbers for local care homes and MHMR housing providers within the Austin, Ft. Hood and Killeen areas.


So what happens once you start placing phone calls to the list of MHMR housing providers? Well, like everything in life, Paretos law applies. And although we all think about the 80/20 rule in practice and say to ourselves, yes, that is how things work; in this case we are able to experience it first hand. What we mean by that is that 80-90% of the providers on the list will not even answer there phones. Many of the MHMR group home providers in Austin, Killeen, Ft. Hood and elsewhere are already at capacity and do not have the ability to take on additional clients and residents and therefore do not answer. In other cases, it is such a taxing job from an operational standpoint, that many of the MHMR housing providers are working 24 hours per day and physically cannot answer the phone due to their workload. In other cases, the MHMR group home provider may no longer be in business. Remember, 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years; and although there is ample demand for MHMR group homes, many of the operators are not able to financially survive due to high expenses, clients that haven’t paid (uncollected receivables), high taxes and a variety of other factors. Because of this, we are often told by prospective clients and family members looking to place their loved ones with us that we were the first company that answered the phone!


After you have applied and toured our locations and made a decision, the rest is fairly easy. Like all providers of Group Homes, Care homes, Residential MHMR homes and even apartment homes, we require an application, deposit and first month’s rent (which is often prorated). Upon receipt of the above items, the client is ready to move in!

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