Mental Illness Housing

Housing Austin and Killeen TX


Recovery and wellness can and are nearly impossible to achieve if an individual living with serious mental illness does not have a place to call home. Supporting the housing and mental health needs of those with mental illness is what Picture Perfect does. We do this through our comprehensive, All-Inclusive  living environments which provide residents with mental illness a safe place to live in a structured environment where the individual can create a life that is stable and cohesive by working with our outsourced case management, home health and social work partners.


Picture Perfect provides housing for those suffering from mental illness in a person-centered, Group Home environment. Because our Group Homes are specifically designed for people with special needs such as mental illness, the residents, house managers and partners keep and hold each and every individual accountable through a person-focused curriculum.


We have been the primary “go-to” provider of group homes and care homes for those suffering from mental illness since 2000 and we have done this by focusing on our core beliefs:

  • Individual empowerment which leads to a better overall housing environment
  • Respect for each person within the group home and care home environment
  • Partnering with local resources to keep clients’ wellness at the highest level possible
  • Embracing the local community and community resources
  • Focusing on education of diet and exercise, two foundational beliefs that we know can help to improve signs and degrees of mental illness
  • Focusing on affordable housing and related services for those with mental illness. Our belief is that an affordable Group Home environment can and will lead to less stressors in daily life, which in turn will lead to improved wellness.

Providing care for those with cognitive and behavioral disabilities such as mental illness is what Picture Perfect does. Our services are offered to those who wish to reside in Austin Texas or the Killeen Texas area and are offered in an All-Inclusive environment. Do you know someone suffering from a cognitive disability such as a mental illness? Are they looking for a place to live? Pick up the phone today and call Picture Perfect Cooperative Living, like our logo says…”A Place To Call Home”

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