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Group Home Austin and Killeen TX


Are you looking for a Group Home in the Austin Texas or Killeen Texas area?


Picture Perfect Cooperative Living has been providing group homes and other types of care homes throughout Central Texas since 2000. There are a number of different types of Group Homes that we provide and a wide variety of people that may choose to live in our homes. Let’s start with some of the most common reasons why people choose to live in group homes or need to live in Group Homes.


Cannot afford apartment & do not have desire and/or capability to handle additional expenses


Many people with cognitive or behavioral health conditions have a difficult time affording rent and covering additional expenses such as water, gas, electricity, cable television, telephone and other expenses such as groceries and even medicine. When you really take it all into consideration, this is a lot to handle! Even people that technically do not have any cognitive or behavioral health conditions often times have a difficult time with paying their bills on time. In fact, according to CNN Money, as of 2012, the average American family had $15,950 in credit card debt with average interest rates in the  mid teens. Why does this matter for people that have cognitive and behavioral conditions which make it hard for them to budget out there expenses?  Because the facts are that even the average American has a tough and difficult time managing their expenses. And being that rent and housing is typically the biggest expense, a Group Home – whether in Austin, Killeen or elswehere throughout the United States – can prove an extremely intelligent decisions- in that it allows the family and or individual to cover ALL of their costs with one simple payment,


In summary, an assisted living environment, group home, care home, transitional home or other type of care home allows everything to be paid for. Because of this, it makes life much more simple for the client.


A Parent or Family Member Needs To Locate A Group Home For A Relative or Family Member


A very common scenario is one where a relative or family member is currently providing housing for an individual that has some type of disability. The relative or family member may not have the necessary experience in dealing with someone with schizophrenia, depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, alcoholism or other disorder and as a result, begin seeking out a Group Home environment for them to live. In situations like this, the family member will typically seek out a Group Home in Austin Texas or Killeen TX, similar to the ones that Picture Perfect operates, and then place their relative in one of the homes. At this point, the family member has been able to find a nice, safe and comfortable location for their relative; all while still having the ability to come visit when time permits. This frees up the family member to begin operating in “normal life” mode once again while Picture Perfect and staff take care of the loved one.


In other instances, the relative may simply just not feel comfortable having someone with up and down moods living with them anymore. They need an operational specialist to care of and provide housing for the individual.


A Veteran has returned from war or oversees and needs counseling and a place to live


Often times, especially in the Killeen, Harker Heights and Copperas Cove areas of Texas, there is a huge need for group homes and transitional living homes for veterans and homeless veterans. Veterans returning from war, stationed at Ft. Hood may really need a group home in Austin Texas and or Killeen Texas, due to the need to still feel like they are living with a group – as they often did oversees. Additionally, the group home living environment allows for the home to serve as a “family” and,  in essence, keeps everyone and hold everyone accountable. If it is a sober home (another specific type of Group Home that Picture Perfect provides) there are mandatory AA meetings along with mandatory counseling sessions and other services. Many of the returning veterans often turn to alcohol and other drugs and find that the only way they can stay sober is through a recovery program within a sober group home. In other cases, the returning veterans may suffer from PTSD and need some type of counseling to help deal with the memory trauma. Picture Perfect also offers housing specifically for Veterans with PTSD. In other instances, the veteran may be suffering from anxiety and war related depression. In this case, we may recommend a different group home for that particular individual. Whether the veteran needs a group home in the Austin Texas area or the Killeen Texas area; Picture Perfect will most likely be able to accommodate the request so long as we have availability.


An Elderly Person Needs To Find A Group Home To Live Due To Lowered Monthly Income


With interest rates at historical lows, many of our Elderly residents in our Elder Care Group Homes have stated that they were never expecting to live in a group home as they figured that they would be able to pay and afford their monthly expenses such as food and rent through the interest payment they received on their savings accounts. However, now that interest rates are near zero, many of the retirees are no longer receiving the amount of interest that they expected, and as a result have had to cut down on their expenses. Because Picture Perfect offers a variety of different Group Home pricing – with all inclusive meal plans – starting at $515 per month; many of those elders and retirees have been able to stop the anxiety and finally be able to enjoy life knowing that they can afford everything due to Picture Perfect’s “All Inclusive” group homes for the elderly. There are numerous other options out there, but most other assisted livings and or group living care homes have prices that start at $2,000 or more per month!  Picture Perfect understands that most Elders and retirees cannot afford that price range, and has therefore been able to create group homes in Austin TX and the Killeen TX area that have monthly costs starting at very low and affordable rates.

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