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Disability Housing Austin and Killeen TX


Providing housing for the disabled throughout Austin TX and the Killeen TX area is what Picture Perfect was founded upon. We realized, over 14 years ago, that there were a number of residents throughout central Texas that were in need of “all-inclusive” group home living arrangements in the Killeen and Austin areas. How and why did we notice this? Initially, we simply asked around, because we needed to. We asked a number of people, “How can we find and locate housing for disabled relatives?” Most people had no idea. The others that thought  they knew simply just referred us over to others in the community. The “community resources” didn’t give us the answers that we needed to place our relatives quickly and efficiently into group homes or care homes so we knew that there was a need AND a void and that something needed to be done in order to assist those with disabilities find housing.


Picture Perfect operates group homes for the disabled throughout Travis, Williamson, Bell and Coryell Counties – and in the cities of Austin Texas, Killeen Texas, Copperas Cove, Round Rock and Harker Heights. In the above mentioned counties, we provide housing for 300 – 600 clients per year- many of whom suffer from a wide variety of disabilities. If subsidized programs such as section 8 or other programs are not an option for the individual with the disability looking for housing, there are usually some options as many of them have SSI and SSDI or an HHS (Health and Human Service) voucher. Picture Perfect then works directly with nurses, home health agencies, doctors, case workers, social workers and others to make sure that the client’s needs are met. Although our clients have disabilities, Picture Perfect makes sure that locating a great Group Home in which to live is not difficult.




What types of disabilities do clients typically have that require them to live in a Group Home?


If you look up Disability Housing in the yellow pages or google you will not find many options. Technically there is not a “reason” that someone with a disability must live in a group home, boarding home, transitional home or other type of care home. However, often times what happens is that a family member no longer has the ability or resources to successfully take care of the loved one with a disability. Let’s review a few different disabilities that often times make it hard for family members to provide disability housing or housing for their disabled relatives:

  1. Bi-Polar Disorder. Bi-polar disorder is becoming increasingly common throughout the United States for a variety of reasons. Housing people with Bi-Polar disorder can be fairly easy if the person is actively taking medication. However, If the medication management is not being actively monitored, providing housing can become a challenge.
  2. Again, this mental disability can be very minor if the person is actively taking medication. Unfortunately, often times the person with the disability does not actively take their medication and it can become increasingly difficult to provide housing and care on a daily basis unless you have trained staff that understand the challenges associated with providing housing for those with Schizophrenia.
  3. Over the years, Depression and depression related symptoms have become more common throughout the United States. Living with those with depression can be a challenge in and of itself. Disability housing for those with depression is a specialty of Picture Perfect. We have homes that are specifically designed for those suffering from Depression. Positive music, enlightenment, exercise, omega-3 fatty acid supplementation, yoga, our “specialty” kale & green apple smoothies are just some of the ways to improve the depression symptoms – all of which can be done at our group homes.
  4. Anxiety disorder, adjustment disorder, shift-work disorder, ADHD & oppositional defiant and conduct disorder. For those suffering from any of the aforementioned disorders, finding and locating housing can be more than a challenge. These disabilities often come with a wide range of other auxiliary and affiliated challenges and issues. Many times, a police record can be one of them – and often times that very record makes it nearly impossible to locate stable housing. Picture Perfect can and does work with people that fall into the aforementioned categories as the Austin and Killeen Texas disability housing specialist.

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