Depression Housing

Depression Housing Austin and Killeen TX


Do you or someone you know suffer from a special need such as Depression? People that suffer from Depression often have a tough time getting up the motivation to look for a new place to live. Why? Let’s be real here folks….it is a LOT OF WORK!


In all seriousness, what we have found is that many folks that suffer from Depression may have visited a treatment facility in the Austin Texas or Killeen area. After their stay in the treatment facility, they often need a new place to call home. Picture Perfect is just that place! We provide housing and related services in an all-inclusive environment for those suffering from Depression.


Men and women that suffer from Depression and are in need of housing often suffer from the disease as a result of trying to overcome other challenges. Challenges such as drugs and alcohol can often overlap with the Depression that they are faced with. Other co-occurring symptoms can often include eating disorders as well as mood and behavioral disorders. When all of these diagnosis are factored together, it becomes difficult for those with Depression to locate the housing and stable environment that they need which will keep them on the right track. How does Picture Perfect assist with providing housing for those with Depression and other special needs? We do it through our ALL-INCLUSIVE environment which assists in:

  • Monitoring medicine and using our outsourced case management and home health approach to ensure that the doctors, nurses and case managers are actively involved in prescribing the correct medications to treat the symptoms.
  • The Group Home and Group Living environment ensures that all clients living in the house are actively engaged in with outsourced resources such as home health and onsite social workers so that treatment for depression and co-occurring symptoms are actively addressed.
  • Actively working with the local treatment centers where each man and women continues to receive the consistent, and that is a key word- CONSISTENT- therapy and support that they need while they learn ways to better themselves. What are some of these ways? High intensity exercise, high doses of Omega 3-Fatty Acids, property blood sugar consistency through proper eating via a high-protein diet are just some of these things that need to be monitored on an active basis.

So what are the reasons to choose Picture Perfect for housing your loved one with a special need such as Depression?  Our outsourced case management and social work approach helps stabilize many of the symptoms that often occur with Depression related illness. We also deal with dually-diagnosed clients who often use drugs, alcohol and other substances to alleviate their depression – although this often does the opposite – and are therefore accustom to what is needed to provide housing for those with depression and other special needs.


Do you or someone you know suffer from Depression? Are you in need of housing in the Austin Texas or Killeen areas? Please call Picture Perfect today if so. We can schedule an interview and an intake appointment immediately.

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