Boarding Homes in Austin, TX

Since 2014, it has become extremely expensive to living in a one bedroom apartment in Austin, TX. The average rental cost of a one-bedroom apartment in approximately $1100/month. The number of vacancies in Austin, TX is extremely low as well. Because of these two factors, there aren’t many opportunities for someone who has a limited income. Their only option is to find a boarding home in Austin, TX.

Finding a boarding home in Austin, TX is easier said than done

There is often a negative stigmatism that goes along with a boarding home in Austin, TX. Because of this, many neighborhoods don’t want any of them in their neighborhood. Neighbors feel that if there are boarding homes in Austin, TX in their neighborhood that there will be an increase in crime. They also feel that the property values of their homes will decrease.

There have been studies done in communities that have boarding homes in Austin, TX and the neighborhoods have had no increase in crime. In the majority of cases, these homes are very well controlled with usually a manager on site to make sure all of the rules of the home are followed. Most of these homes are sober homes in Austin, TX which means that no alcohol or drugs are allowed on the premises and the tenants are not allowed to use them at all.

The property values of the homes that are next to these boarding homes in Austin, TX have had no negative affect at all. In fact, some of these homes would have been deserted which may negatively affect the housing values so these sober homes in Austin, TX may even positively affect the neighborhood housing values.

Community can have real meaning

Many communities like to think they help their neighbors and want to live in a place that promotes a feeling of community for all of its citizens. It doesn’t look good to go to the neighborhood park and see homeless people living under the bridges or sleeping overnight on the park benches. Seeing that makes many people feel unsafe and makes people feel like they should have done something to help. Many churches offer temporary boarding homes in Austin, TX to help those in need of a place for a short length of time. What is needed is a place such as Picture Perfect Cooperative Living provides that will give the unfortunate a roof over their heads as well as other supportive help such as employment and medical help.

What type of help can they provide?

Organizations like Picture Perfect Cooperative Living not only provide boarding homes in Austin, TX, they also help by getting medical help outsourced for their tenants. Many of these residents just need CONSISTENT medical care involving medication in order for them to be stable enough to hold down employment and help become more self-sufficient. They also need help getting specific training so they can be employed in a skilled job so they can make enough money to support themselves as well. If we can get more organizations that will provide the services that Picture Perfect does, we can go a long way towards helping our underprivileged become more successful and happy.

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