Bi-Polar Disorder Housing

Bi-Polar Housing Austin and Killeen TX


Are you or someone you know with Bi-Polar disorder looking for housing? Picture Perfect Cooperative Living has single family group homes that are specifically designed for those people that suffer from bi-polar disorder. When you live with a loved one with bi-polar disorder it can be extremely difficult day in and day out to provide housing for that individual unless the individual is actively taking their medication. Often times, family members or loved ones of the person with the bi-polar disorder will need a break. A break that allows them to begin living life again. One way of doing this is by phoning Picture Perfect Cooperative Living. Picture perfect have been providing Special Needs housing for a wide variety of demographics in Austin and the Killeen areas since 2000. Picture Perfect works with case managers, social workers and other members of the community to provide “best in class´ service for those that need it most. Although many of our clients in the special needs demographic suffer from dual-diagnoses, one of the initial diagnosis is bi-polar disorder. Because of this, Picture Perfect has set out to provide state of the art housing and related services for those with these needs. We have single family homes in beautiful neighborhoods throughout Austin and Killeen with starting “All-Inclusive” prices at $515 per month. Nowhere else can you go where you can obtain All-Inclusive living arrangements for your loved ones or yourself, with outsourced case management, therapy, home health and other necessities for that price.


How many tiers of pricing does Picture Perfect offer?


Picture Perfect has different tiers and home classifications which result in differing prices. Remember, because Picture Perfect provides housing to a wide variety of demographics, prices vary. For those that can live in a “tier 1” pricing environment, Picture Perfect provides housing to those suffering from bi-polar disorder with the following:

  • Semi-Private Room
  • Laundry Facilities
  • All Groceries and Meals
  • Television
  • Med-Monitoring
  • Outsources Case Management
  • Outsourced Home Health
  • Outsourced Transportation (CARTS Austin)
  • Utilities
  • Telephone
  • Much More…….

Tier 2 Level of Picture Perfect Living Properties typically involves more staff and more over monitoring for those with client-specific special needs – one of which is bi-Polar disorder. Do you know of someone in need of housing that suffers from Bi-Polar disorder? Are you a case-manager looking to place a client with bi-polar disorder into a safe living environment? If so, pick up the telephone and contact Picture Perfect today.

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