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Since 2000, Picture Perfect Cooperative Living has provided the elderly, low income, deaf, MH, MR, disabled, ex-offender and other special needs populations with affordable housing. Our properties and services are the most well-respected in all of Texas due to our level of commitment towards providing our special needs clients with clean, safe, affordable all-inclusive living environments.

Our Approach

An inter-disciplinary style of management and a team-approach to services have established a sound record of performance in a complicated industry that is in extreme demand throughout Texas. The personal and social well-being of our clients is central to our mission statement of providing an outstanding quality of service with a "person centered" living process. An integral component of our mission is helping create new and expanded opportunities for individuals to participate fully in community life. Not only do we devote extensive effort to providing the finest quality environment for those we serve, but we also invest in community efforts to promote greater inclusion of persons with special needs. Since 2000 we have worked with numerous non-profit and for-profit agencies in an effort to provide high quality living environments to successfully meet the needs of this special community by fully utilizing relationships with local community partnerships along with our individualized internal solutions.

Screening Process

The majority of our special needs housing clients come via referral from other clients or case-workers. Rather than having a checklist of requirements which could potentially not allow for a specific individual, we opt to focus on quality referral sources and an in-depth interview process which allows our qualified staff to make the decision of whether to admit or not admit a special needs housing client.

Our Mission

Dignity, respect and compassion are the three core beliefs of Picture Perfect Cooperative Living. Because we believe that housing is a fundamental human right, we are committed to creating opportunity, solutions and change, grounded in respect and self-determination, for individuals and for our community. Picture Perfect Community Living ensures quality elderly, MHMR, group home and other special needs housing and support programs for those in need.

Our Goal is to provide a personalized care environment that allows for an enhanced and improved sense of well-being for all our clients

Specialized Housing We Provide & Demographics We Serve

Picture Perfect Cooperative Living provides residential care homes in an alternative care environment which emphasizes both quality of care and quality of life. We provide a wide variety of care home environments including:

  • Residential Care For Seniors
  • VA Housing
  • Group Home Housing for special needs
  • MHMR Housing
  • Elderly Care Housing
  • Transitional Living
  • RSO and Sex Offender Housing
  • Halfway Houses
  • LGBT Housing

All of our homes are client and demographic specific, ensuring that each property is operated specifically for that particular client demographic. We have individual homes designed for and specifically managed for elderly females while we also operate care homes specifically for disabled veterans. These are just two examples of the types of residential care homes we operate.

Because we have operated in the "special needs" care home industry since 2000, we fully understand each particular demographic need and have created care homes and group homes to match these client needs.

All of our properties are located just minutes away from major thoroughfares and medical facilities with public transportation nearby. Our outsourced case management, therapy, home health and medical services ensure that our clients’ needs are fully addressed by 3rd party doctors, nurses, case workers and others.

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